A detailed agenda will be published here before the workshop.

The workshop will have three main types of interaction.

  • Short paper presentations will provide an opportunity for all participants to introduce their work in a succinct and engaging manner. These sessions will serve as a forum for attendees to learn about the latest research in the field, while providing presenters with an opportunity to receive feedback and suggestions from their peers.
  • The second type will consist of two or three panel discussion sessions, each dedicated to one specific issue that is critical to the field. Suggested topics include Understanding Context, Representing Context, and Acting in Context, based on discussions at last year's MRC. However, final topics will be determined based on attendee interests and submissions. The aim of these sessions is to explore various approaches to these issues and to identify critical problems and promising research directions.
  • The workshop will conclude with an open, guided discussion summarizing the key takeaways and lessons learned throughout the day. Attendees will have the opportunity to share their insights and perspectives on the topics discussed, and to suggest areas for further research and exploration.

At MRC, we prioritize interactivity and discussion as a means of fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing. In previous years, we have foregone invited speakers in favor of providing ample opportunities for participants to engage with one another. However, for the upcoming 2023 installment, we are considering incorporating targeted opening presentations for both morning and afternoon sessions to provide additional structure and focus to the event.

To further enhance the interactive nature of the conference, we are inviting industry representatives to showcase contextually relevant demonstrations during the workshop sessions. In previous years, we have engaged with contributors to present their work in the format that best suits their content, be it through a talk or through posters or demos. Our aim is to facilitate interaction and engagement among participants and to ensure that all contributions are presented in a format that is most conducive to promoting discussion and collaboration.

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