Covid-19 and MRC 2020

Based on feedback from our program committee, we have decided that we will move with ECAI and hold an in-person workshop at ECAI 2020 as intended. However, we think that the scientific community should be prepared to change the way it interacts, to protect the health and well-being of everybody in the ongoing crisis, but also to be establish long-term sustainability. We have therefore started to prepare MRC for a partial or complete move to a virtual meeting. In particular, we want to make it possible to virtually attend the event in cases when you can not join us in person, being it due to travel restrictions or for personal reasons.

If you have an accepted paper and attend virtually, we would like to ask you to prepare a video with your presentation upfront, which will be made available to all workshop participants. If you attend in-person, we would like to ask for your permission to stream your presentation to remote attendees. We will invite everybody to join an online community where we can discuss the individual presentations in different discussion threads asynchronously. We will also reserve time slots at the workshop where we will have a joined audio-visual session of on-site and remote participants.

We would encourage you to submit to the workshop even if you are unsure whether you will be able to come to Santiago de Compostela in August. We, the workshop organizers, are as unsure about our future travel opportunities as everybody else, but this should not stop us from building our scientific community. Should ECAI be canceled or further postponed until 2021, we will switch MRC to be a completely virtual workshop that can still be held this year so that people can disseminate their work in a timely fashion for projects and have publications for 2020.

Last modified: Monday, 2020-05-11 19:29 UTC.