Covid-19 and MRC 2020

The main conference for our workshop, ECAI 2020, has not only been moved to August 29 to September 5, but it also going fully virtual.

We will move with ECAI and hold a virtual workshop at ECAI 2020. We think that the scientific community should be prepared to change the way it interacts, not only to protect the health and well-being of everybody in the ongoing crisis, but also to establish long-term sustainability. We therefore see both MRC and ECAI as an interesting opportunity to try out new ways of interaction.

If you attend virtually and have an accepted paper, we would like to ask you to prepare a video with your presentation upfront, which will be made available to all workshop participants. We will invite all of you to join an online community where we can discuss the individual presentations in different discussion threads asynchronously. We will also reserve time slots at the workshop for synchronous discussions.

Last modified: Friday, 2020-06-12 12:01 UTC.