Call for Papers

The Modelling and Reasoning in Context workshop series aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from different communities, both in industry and academia, to study, understand, and explore issues surrounding context. By considering modelling and reasoning approaches for context-sensitive systems from a broad range of areas, the workshop will facilitate the sharing of problems, techniques, and solutions. The workshop covers different understandings of what context is, different approaches to modelling context, mechanisms and techniques for structured storage of contextual information, effective ways to retrieve it, and methods for enabling integration of context and application knowledge.

MRC provides a forum to exchange and discuss issues and ideas in a friendly, cooperative environment. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Generic and specific context models
  • Explicit representations
  • Trans- and interdisciplinary models of context
  • Representation of and reasoning with uncertainty
  • Retrieval of context and context information
  • Context-based retrieval and reasoning
  • Socio-technical issues
  • Context awareness and context-sensitivity
  • Context awareness in applications
  • Evaluation of context-aware applications
  • Explanation and context
  • Mobile context
  • Information ageing
  • Context focusing and context switching
  • Context management
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Submission Instruction

Submission instructions updated on June 01, 2016.

Submission Types

There are three different deadlines and procedures for submissions, depending on whether the paper was previously submitted to the main conference, and what the outcome of the submission was.

  1. Original Workshop contributions (long and short papers)
    These papers should not have been previously submitted to ECAI 2016.
    No special requirements, please follow the submission procedure outlined below.
    Deadline: 2016-06-14
  2. Papers not accepted for ECAI 2016 (long and short papers)
    Submissions to ECAI 2016 that have not been accepted for the main conference and are revised for the workshop.
    Special requirement: Please copy the reviews you got from ECAI 2016 at the end of your paper to speed up the review process at MRC and add a short note outlining the revisions made. Only one file in PDF format is allowed for upload at EasyChair, so make sure the notification and revision notes are part of the PDF.
    Deadline: 2016-06-18
  3. Papers accepted for ECAI 2016 as short papers (long version)
    The long version of papers submitted to ECAI 2016 that have been accepted as short papers for the main conference are automatically accepted for MRC 2016 as long as they fall into the scope of the workshop.
    Special requirement: Please copy the acceptance notification you got from ECAI 2016 at the end of your paper. Only one file in PDF format is allowed for upload at EasyChair, so make sure the notification is part of the PDF.
    Deadline: 2016-06-25

Author notification for all three types of submission will be sent out 2016-06-28. The formatting instructions outlined below are valid for all three types of submission.

Formatting Guidelines & Submission Procedure

Submitted papers must be formatted according to the camera-ready style for ECAI 2016, and submitted electronically in PDF format only through the EasyChair pages for MRC 2016. Authorship is not anonymous.

Long papers are allowed eight (8) pages. An additional page containing the list of references is allowed, as long as this ninth page contains only references. Short papers, not exceeding two (2) pages, may be submitted for short oral presentation. Both full and short papers will be published online in the workshop proceedings.

Submissions must be original, and in particular should not previously have been formally published or accepted for publication elsewhere, with the exceptions outlined above.

Review Process

Original workshop contribution: Three members of the program committee will review each submission. A review form will direct committee members to evaluate submissions for appropriateness, technical strength, originality, presentation, and overall evaluation, as well as recording the reviewer's confidence in the topic.

Papers previously submitted to ECAI: These submissions will first be screened by the Chairs of MRC 2016. For papers not accepted at the main conference, two members of the program will review each submission, taking the original ECAI review into consideration to enable quick decisions. Long papers accepted as short papers for ECAI will automatically be accepted if falling inside the scope of the workshop.

Accepted Papers

The proceedings of the workshop will be published electronically on a USB stick and made freely available at a suitable online location like the CEUR Workshop Proceedings. Authors of accepted papers might be invited to submit extended versions for inclusion in a special journal issue on contextualised systems, if justified by the quantity and quality of submissions.

The authors will be responsible for producing camera­-ready copies of papers in PDF format, conforming to the formatting guidelines, for inclusion in the published proceedings.

At least one author of each accepted paper is required to attend the workshop to present the contribution. Please be advised that any workshop participant has to register for the ECAI conference.

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